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New Bedford Towing Service has been providing roadside assistance in and around our area for years. With years of experience responding to pretty much every vehicular roadside situation anyone can think of. Our towing operators are qualify, experience, and equip to handle any situation you find yourself in. Whether you need something simple like a flat tire service or batter jump. Or if it’s more complicated like a wrecker service or tow truck service, you can count on us.

We’re proud to be the number one towing service in our little part of Massachusetts. Our reputation for quick response times, great customer service, and top quality customer care has built on hundreds if not thousands of hours of hard work and tough schedules. 

The last thing you want when you’re broken down on the side of the road or abandon somewhere is to deal with an amateur service. An amateur is twice as likely to damage your vehicle, arrive late, not provide updates, and not be insure. We pride ourselves on being a quality professional tow truck service here in New Bedford, and our top rank in the local market is proof of that! Our mission is always do such a great job that we earn your glowing recommendation.

If you’re stranded, call out hotline here: 508-690-5110. Just click on the number to dial if you’re on your phone. 

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Our Roadside Assistance Services

Roadside Assistance:

Fuel Delivery

+ Battery Jump Start

+ Flat Tire Help

+ Lock Out Services

Flat bed tow truck service

Wrecker service

+ Winching Service

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New Bedford Roadside Assistance

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Being Stranded is Frustrating... We Can Help

Having vehicle trouble or getting stranded is frustrating and stressful. Getting into a wreck is stressful. We completely understand because we’ve been there and we’ve responded to thousands of such situations. Your plans for the day or night have certainly been thrown off track, but we’re here to get it back ON track as quickly and affordably as possible. Our pro’s have spent countless hours on the road responding to calls like yours, so you have peace of mind knowing that an expert is on his way. Our reputation as the best value for speedy roadside services is built on great customer experiences. The sooner you call the sooner we’ll be on our way.

Our Roadside Assistance Services

Wrecker Service

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know first hand how stressful and upsetting it can be. Not only are you potentially bruised and in pain from what just happened, now you have to try to vet a New Bedford wrecker service to take care of your vehicle for you. Well, the first priority here is your health and safety. Nothing else even comes close in importance. 

The last thing you need to be stressing about is your car, so give us a quick call by clicking the number here: 508-690-5110 (it’ll dial automatically), and tell us where you are. After that you can relax knowing that an experienced, qualified, and fully equipped wrecker service tow truck will arrive ASAP.

With our extremes of weather, being stranded can be a life and health threatening situation. Whether it’s freezing cold or overwhelmingly hot, time is critical. Call us immediately for any tow truck service in New Bedford you need, and we’ll have an experienced driver headed your way right away.

Flat Tire Service

Flat tires are common occurrences and are an easy fix if you know what you’re doing and have the right tools. This service is great for those who either don’t know how to change a tire, don’t have experience changing a tire, or simply don’t want to! The fact is that if you don’t do it right, the tire can actually come off while you’re moving which has lead to many deadly accidents.

With our experience and tools it can be a matter of minutes before you’re back on the road again, and you’ll have the confidence that it was done by a professional. Plus you won’t be dirty, sweaty, or have to brave the elements. Take advantage of our affordable flat tire service by calling us at 508-690-5110.

Fuel Delivery

Sometimes you’re lucky and run out of gas within easy walking distance of a gas station. Maybe there’s one just down the road and you’re already in-town. But what if it’s raining? Dark? Abandoned? There are many reasons why walking to get fuel can be very unwise and risky for your safety. This is why we offer a cheap fuel delivery option to deliver fresh fuel to anyone in the area who’s run out of gas. It will save you stress, inconvenience, risks to your health and safety, and you’ll be on your way quickly and easily.

Winching Service

The difference between being stuck and not being stuck can be just a few feet, whether you’re stuck in a bit of soft ground after a rain of you’ve gone off the road. The fastest way to get back on the road where you belong is to call us for our cheap winching service. It’s quick, it’s affordable, and it’s a lot easier than spending three hours trying to fit wooden blocks under your wheels! Plus it’s a safe service from an experienced professional. 

Jump Start Service

If you car isn’t starting, it could be your battery is dead. And if your battery is dead, the first thing to do is to try jumping it. If it holds a charge, then you can get back on the road and go from there. When your battery doesn’t hold a charge, you’ll know you have to replace it. Thankfully we can do that for you, so if you’re broken down somewhere, give us a call and we’ll be right over. 

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