Tow Truck Service in New Bedford, MA

Tow Truck Service

New Bedford Towing Service has been providing roadside services in and around our city for years. One of our most common services is our tow truck service. 

After towing hundreds if not thousands of vehicles, our towing service operators are supremely experienced and qualified to handle any tow truck need out there. Whether you need a wrecker service or a tow to the auto shop from the side of the road, call us. We’ve built our reputation and ranking one great tow at a time, and our mission to improve even further. Whether you need a wrecker service or a standard tow truck.

There are a few response we’re the go-to service around:

1) FAST response times

2) QUALITY service at all hours

3) EXCELLENT value and prices

Our mission with each new customer is to deliver such a satisfactory experience that we’ll earn your glowing recommendation.

Expert Towing Professionals

Experience compounds upon itself. The great thing about having experienced towing professionals present is that they’ve seen so many different situations they know what to do and how. It saves you time and money when your tow truck driver is a real expert who can figure out the best course of action. 

For a fast and affordable tow truck, please call us at  508-690-5110. Just explain your situation and mention anything that might require special equipment. Your tow truck operator will be arriving very soon.

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New Bedford Towing Service

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Being Stranded is Frustrating... We Can Help

Having vehicle trouble or getting stranded is frustrating and stressful. Getting into a wreck is stressful. We completely understand because we’ve been there and we’ve responded to thousands of such situations. Your plans for the day or night have certainly been thrown off track, but we’re here to get it back ON track as quickly and affordably as possible. Our pro’s have spent countless hours on the road responding to calls like yours, so you have peace of mind knowing that an expert is on his way. Our reputation as the best value for speedy roadside services is built on great customer experiences. The sooner you call the sooner we’ll be on our way.